2014 Jack Howe Information

The 2014 Jack Howe Memorial will be hosted from Saturday, September 27 2014 through Sunday, September 28, 2014. Look forward to seeing you then!

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A Tradition of Excellence

Congrats Jasmine!

2002 AFA National Champion, Extemporaneous Speaking

2002 NPDA Quarterfinalist and Top Speaker

2003 NPDA Quarterfinalist and 2nd Speaker

2004 AFA National Champion, Extemporaneous Speaking

2005 NDT Quarterfinalist and 5th Speaker

2008 NFA 34d Place Prose Interpretation

2008 NFA 3rd Place, After Dinner Speaking

2008 NFA 5th Place, Duo Interpretation

2008 AFA, 5th Place Prose, Interpretation

2008 AFA National Runner-Up, Poetry Interpretation

NPDA 12th Place National Sweepstakes, 2008

2009 NFA National Champion, Prose Interpretation

2009 AFA 3rd Place, Programmed Oral Interpretation

2009  AFA , 3rd Place, Poetry Interpretation

2009 NFA National Runner-Up, Prose Interpretation

2010 NPDA Quarterfinalist

2011 NFA National Champion, Prose Interpretation

2012 NFA National Champion, Dramatic Interpretation

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 Where Are Our Alumni Now?

Audrey Mink, University of California at Berkeley School of Law, Texas Assistant District Attorney

Walid Kandeel, University of California at Davis School of Law, Criminal Defense Attorney

David Peterson, University of Louisville (M.A.), University of California at Irvine (Ph.D.)

Tony Mata, Loyola Law Schpp, Los Angeles (J.D.), Associate Attorney at Benthale, McKibbin, & McKnight, APLC

Usama Khaf, Loyola Law School, Los Angeles (J.D.), Associate, O’Melveny and Meyers, LLP

Beth Boser, University of Southern California School of Communication

Joeseph DeSantis, Academic Vice President, Copper Mountain College

Kristine Clancy, Purdue University (PhD), ADOF at Pepperdine University

Michael Middleton, University of Utah (PhD), DoF and Assistant Professor at University of Utah

Reyna Velarde, CSULB (MA), Director of Individual Events, CSULB

Nicholas Russell, University of Utah PhD (ABD), DOF at CSULB